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   Politicians in Hartford are again considering assisted suicide legislation. The Connecticut General Assembly is considering legalizing a form of suicide in our state commonly referred to as "aid-in-dying" or "physician-assisted suicide". The legislation is House Bill 6425 "An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients".

   This inherently discriminatory practice, that risks death to patients through mistakes, coercion and abuse should never be legalized in our state. This practice targets vulnerable patient populations, such as those with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, the economically disadvantaged, and those with chronic illnesses. 

At a time where suicides are at record levels, all Connecticut citizens facing very serious health challenges need access to more compassionate standard-of-care services to deal with isolation, depression, and other mental health challenges. Suicide should never be the solution. 

We should never allow legislators to establish suicide as a solution to medical and emotional problem. Do we want to send a message to young people, at a time when suicides are increasing among this population, that suicide is an appropriate solution to a problem.

Don’t let the state persuade us that it’s dignified for an ill person to sign their own execution order.

Don’t let the state of Connecticut get into the business of death.

Don’t let the state create an environment where ill people will feel they have a “responsibility to die”.

Find out more about this issue by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page and then reading "Separating Myth and Reality in Aid in Dying". This Op-Ed from the CT Mirror was written by Lisa Blumberg, a leading disability advocate in Connecticut.

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 Dear Members of the General Assembly,

    We, the undersigned, express our firm opposition to legalizing any form of assisted suicide in our state. We are urging you to study the harmful unintended consequences surrounding assisted suicide and then vote "NO" on H.B. 6425.

    Suicide should never be viewed as a morally acceptable solution to a problem. Legalizing assisted suicide can and will open a Pandora's box of problems. Assisting someone in killing themselves is misdirected compassion. We urge you to support efforts to improve palliative care, improve programs for those facing terminal illnesses so they do not feel isolated and alone, and enlarge suicide prevention programs in our state.

    Again, we urge you to vote in opposition to H.B. 6425 and to support suicide prevention programs in our state. 

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