Is physician-assisted suicide good public policy?

Many proponents of physician-assisted suicide believe that this procedure is a private personal matter and the state should allow individuals to end their lives if they so desire. The only problem with this thought process is that once a legislature enacts a physician-assisted suicide law, it impacts everyone. It now places the option of suicide on the “table of options” to be considered when a person is facing a serious illness. It presents opportunities for the ill, the elderly, and those with disabilities to be manipulated by those around them who would benefit from their death. It may even effect the options for medical care that people will be provided. In Oregon, the state’s Public Health Plan informed patients that the insurance will cover the costs of medication for physician-assisted suicide, but not the cancer treatment they requested. The right of an individual is far overshadowed by the potential negative impact on our society. The right to die may soon become the responsibility to die for the sick, the elderly and the disabled. The passage of physician-assisted suicide would create a terrible public policy.