Is uncontrollable pain the biggest concern of patients who participate in physician-assisted suicide?

Again the answer is “no." Actual pain, combined with concern about possible pain in the future, is only a motivating factor in the minority of cases. Although advocates for physician-assisted suicide would like one to believe that uncontrollable pain is the primary reason that individuals seek to end their lives; this is simply not supported by the facts.  In the words of the Oregon Public Health Division concerning physician-assisted suicides in 2020, “ as in previous years, the three most frequently reported end-of-life concerns were: loss of autonomy (93%), decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable (94%), and loss of dignity (72%).”  Fear of being a burden on family and friends was a concern in 53% of the cases, while fear of pain was a concern in only 33%. (State of Oregon Death with Dignity Report 2020”, Oregon Public Health Division).  Note well that SB 1076 makes no mention of suffering or pain. The state would be declaring that everyone who is terminally ill with 6 months to live has such a poor quality of iife that the state will allow doctors to help kill them.  The focus of legislators should be to improve quality of care, and objective goal.